Open Leadership Positions - discuss and nominate

Current and Open Leadership Positions:


Purpose of the Standing Structure Committees:


a. Executive Committee - Consists of the elected officers and chair persons of all committees. Sets meeting dates for the club. Sets membership dues with approval of the membership. Determines committee assignments. Acts on behalf of the club during all breaks and over the summer.


b. Programming Committee - Coordinate all planning and arrangements for guest speakers, programming and trips.


c. Fundraising and Finance Committee – Initiates and facilitates IPID fundraising efforts in coordination with all other committees.  Works with the Treasurer to develop group and project budgets.


d. Grant Management Committees—Each grant secured by IPID shall be administered by a separate, yet, affiliated Grant Group who oversees the specific provisions of each active grant.


e. Strategic Relations Committee – Initiates and sustains IPID outreach efforts among University students, faculty and staff and all outside parties.


f. Framing and Documentation – Gathers and generates content, citations, and direct links to information of interest to IPID members that preserves and strengthens IPID’s purpose as a forum for interdisciplinary and cross-sector work and scholarship in development.  This group will gather and frame available resources for all IPID members and broader community interested in development.


g.  Information Technology and Communication (ITC) Committee –Builds and sustains the IPID website and content.  Monitors internal and public IPID sites.


Role of Committee Chairs:  Coordinate the efforts, ideas, and communications of their committee. Facilitate communication and coordination with the Executive Committee and other standing committees.  Some of these task can be deligated to othter committee members as needed.


The positions above are open.  The people who have expressed interest appear already as "nominees".  Anyone else interested in a position, please including spots that already have nominees, please contact Juliet by Tuesday December 8th.  Elections will be held at the Thursday December 17th meeting (and by online survey for those who can't be present--see upcoming email).