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Open Leadership Positions - discuss and nominate

Page history last edited by Juliet Lyon 14 years, 7 months ago

Current and Open Leadership Positions:

  • President: Brent Ruter

  • Vice President: Hindolo Pokawa

  • Secretary: Juliet Lyon

  • Treasurer:OPEN (Kate Lang Yang, Paul Vliem nominated)

  • At Large Member: OPEN (Matthew Stenberg, Paul Walters nominated)

  • Programing chair: OPEN (Kristen Rau nominated)

  • Strategic Relations chair: OPEN (Erica Duin-McDougall, Marta Shaw nominated)

  • ICT chair: OPEN (Rachel Garaghty nominated)

  • Fundraising Chair: OPEN (Marc Dettman nominated)

  • Framing and Documentation: OPEN (Shawn O'Donnell nominated) 


Purpose of the Standing Structure Committees:


a. Executive Committee - Consists of the elected officers and chair persons of all committees. Sets meeting dates for the club. Sets membership dues with approval of the membership. Determines committee assignments. Acts on behalf of the club during all breaks and over the summer.


b. Programming Committee - Coordinate all planning and arrangements for guest speakers, programming and trips.


c. Fundraising and Finance Committee – Initiates and facilitates IPID fundraising efforts in coordination with all other committees.  Works with the Treasurer to develop group and project budgets.


d. Grant Management Committees—Each grant secured by IPID shall be administered by a separate, yet, affiliated Grant Group who oversees the specific provisions of each active grant.


e. Strategic Relations Committee – Initiates and sustains IPID outreach efforts among University students, faculty and staff and all outside parties.


f. Framing and Documentation – Gathers and generates content, citations, and direct links to information of interest to IPID members that preserves and strengthens IPID’s purpose as a forum for interdisciplinary and cross-sector work and scholarship in development.  This group will gather and frame available resources for all IPID members and broader community interested in development.


g.  Information Technology and Communication (ITC) Committee –Builds and sustains the IPID website and content.  Monitors internal and public IPID sites.


Role of Committee Chairs:  Coordinate the efforts, ideas, and communications of their committee. Facilitate communication and coordination with the Executive Committee and other standing committees.  Some of these task can be deligated to othter committee members as needed.


The positions above are open.  The people who have expressed interest appear already as "nominees".  Anyone else interested in a position, please including spots that already have nominees, please contact Juliet by Tuesday December 8th.  Elections will be held at the Thursday December 17th meeting (and by online survey for those who can't be present--see upcoming email). 

Comments (15)

Brent Ruter said

at 3:59 pm on Nov 30, 2009

Add your nominations (of course you can nominate yourself). Those who are nominated should add a comment or below about who you are and why the IPID members should select you.

Kristen Rau said

at 12:30 pm on Dec 3, 2009

Hi, everyone! My name is Kristen Rau, and I've been nominated for the position of Programming Chair. I thought I'd tell you a little about myself before asking for your support-- I'm a dual JD/MPP student with a minor in Human Rights and a concentration in Global Policy-- I know, that's a lot of capital letters. I've been interested in international development for a long time, as evidenced by my various internships with the State Department, the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, the U.S. Senate, and the Refugee Law Project. As a joint degree student, I can really appreciate the need for an organization like IPID. After all,international development experts increasingly acknowledge that multiple dimensions and fields of research need to be brought to the table. I think I'm a good candidate for this position because of my history of interest in the subject, my real enthusiasm for getting to know people around the University who share that interest, and the fact that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, since two years remain before I receive my degrees. Thanks for reading, and please consider supporting my nomination for Programming Chair.

Juliet Lyon said

at 8:33 pm on Dec 3, 2009

Thanks for posting your bio, Kristen. I corrected the page to reflect the December the 17th election date (at the meeting). I hope everyone else follows suit with sweet tales about themselves.

Marc Dettmann said

at 9:32 pm on Dec 3, 2009

Hello IPID,

My name is Marc Dettmann and I am nominated for the finance committe chair. I am in my first year of the Masters in Public Policy, concentration in Economic Dev., and Global Policy. I am excited by the discussions so far at the meetings and really look forward to the speakers that are already committed. My interest for the finance committee is to maintain good communication with each of the other committees to support their work, and thus IPID's. I have experience of working on a large capital campaign for an NGO in Milwaukee, and have taken a financial management course (focused on non-profits), and am talking with the Minneapolis Foundation about ideas for funding sources for IPID.

I have a strong interest in international development and look forward to working with you all in IPID.


- I don't have a nice photo, but imagine the cross of...

Erica said

at 4:38 pm on Dec 4, 2009

Hello, everyone!

My name is Erica McDougall, and I’ve been nominated for the Strategic Relations Chair. To those of you whom I have yet to meet, here’s a bit of background about where I’m coming from: I’m currently an MPP student at the Humphrey Institute; I plan to focus on Global and Environmental Policy during my time here; and I’ve been extremely excited about IPID this fall, and am interested in getting more deeply involved.

IPID’s work as a whole relates to my previous work conducted on international development/water and public health issues in Morocco. I’ve worked for the UNESCO Chair for “Water, Women and Decision Power” in Morocco, have conducted internships with the U.S. Agency for International Development, the State Department, and I have a perpetual travel bug =) I’m more specifically interested in being your ¬¬¬¬Strategic Relations Chair, as I hope to bring together a number of contacts both within the U of M as well as outside who would be very interested in being more integrally involved with IPID. As I ask you to consider supporting me for this position, please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Good luck with finals during this busy time!

Shawn O'Donnell said

at 10:54 pm on Dec 6, 2009


My name is Shawn O'Donnell, and I am a second year Master of Public Policy student at the Humphrey Institute where I am pursuing concentrations in Global Public Policy and Community & Economic Development. I have spent quite a bit of time in the Middle East and North Africa and hope to pursue a career after graduating that allows me to either work in the region or in a capacity that deals with the region on issues of development. I lived in Cairo for two years after completing my undergraduate degree and spent this last summer working with a development organization in Damascus, Syria. I also worked on a feasibility study last year on starting a women’s microfinance organization in Minnesota.

I have been nominated for the Framing and Documenting Chair. I'm excited for the potential this committee can have in tackling various development issues and preparing IPID members and the community at the U in advance of the speakers who will be visiting us this spring. This committee has the potential to ensure we get the most out of the speakers by coming as an informed audience with critical questions. I look forward to working with all of you and taking a closer look at development issues from a multidisciplinary approach. It will be refreshing to discuss development with those working within other academic fields.


katelangyang@... said

at 11:09 pm on Dec 6, 2009

Hi there! I am Kate (my Chinese name is Lang Yang). I am nominated for the Treasurer.

Quick facts about myself:
I am a first year Master’s student in Public Policy, concentrating in program evaluation and public finance. I come from China and got a bachelor’s degree in law from China Foreign Affairs University (yes, we do offer undergraduate law program there.) I interned in Ministry of Land and Resources of China and UNICEF China office.

Why am I interested in this job?
I’ve taken accounting course and enjoyed dealing with numbers. I am currently taking a course in public finance and excited about applying course concepts to better develop IPID and support our programs. I don’t have professional experience as a treasurer but I’ve got a book on my hand on accounting for nonprofit, some ideas on mind and the passion to get things done.

What do I have on mind?
Bookkeeping and monitoring procedures, cash flow chart, disbursement and reimbursement policy, some budgeting ideas… Any other thoughts please let me know!

Juliet Lyon said

at 8:41 am on Dec 7, 2009

Looks like we have a lot of nominees from the Humphrey Institute. It would be great for the interdisciplinary nature of the group to a have a more diverse leadership council. I appeal to people from some other departments to throw their proverbial hats in the ring. Remember, you can nominate yourself for any open position. -Juliet

kwauk001@umn.edu said

at 9:08 am on Dec 7, 2009

Hi everyone,

The OLPD department will be having an introductory brownbag about IPID this coming Wednesday (the 9th), from 12-1pm at Burton 128. Hopefully that will get some people interested who are not yet on this listserve.


Juliet Lyon said

at 10:23 pm on Dec 9, 2009

Some people have been asking me about what being in a leadership position entails. The chairs will lead their division to make sure that the responsibilities of the committee are fulfilled. The "member at large" represents the larger IPID community on the leadership council. The committee chair positions will be an opportunity for people to gain skills in objective oriented management and leadership development of peers. There will be some directed work for chairs to do over break. Coming back from break, chairs will reconnect with committee members and reach out for assistance in the lighter committees.

At the meeting on the 17th, we will establish a work plan and near term priorities will become clear and provide direction for committee chairs going into break.

Marta Shaw said

at 4:15 pm on Dec 10, 2009


My name is Marta Shaw, and I am a Ph.D. student in Comparative and International Development Education at the Department of Organizational Leadership, Policy, and Development. I'm very excited to join this interdisciplinary endeavor - I have kept tabs on what was happening on this website for a while and it looks like we will have quite a fascinating multiplicity of perspectives!

My own background is in non-profit development and higher education. I am a national of Poland, and prior to moving to Minnesota just over two years ago, I lived and worked in Eastern Europe at a time of tumultuous transformation. I was a founding member of one of the first educational non-profits in southern Poland, and I've done quite a bit of strategic planning and development with a few organizations in my part of the world. I received my Master's degree in English Philology from the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, and taught for a while in an applied linguistics program at one of the first private universities in the country. Coming from the part of the world that I do, I've had the chance to be a part of a number of exciting beginnings, and it was ultimately some of those experiences that brought me to the CIDE program here in Minnesota. My current research interests are in private higher education development around the world, particularly in transitional economies.

I have been nominated for the Strategic Relations chair. What I bring to the position is a richness of experience in building strategic networks for the development of new initiatives, and a great deal of enthusiasm about the goals of this group. Over the next few weeks, I will be in Poland visiting family for Christmas (for the first time since moving here!), but I will be available online for any questions, discussions and brainstorms. I look forward to meeting you all upon my return!


Paul Vliem said

at 10:14 am on Dec 14, 2009

Hi Everyone,

My name is Paul Vliem and I'm a first-year Master of Public Policy student at the Humphrey Institute where I am pursuing a concentration in Nonprofit Leadership and Management and Global Policy. I have just been nominated for the position of Treasurer and wanted to let you know a little about myself.

I have been interested in international development for quite some time, with a specific interest in East Africa and have spent a significant amount of time in East and West Africa, both for school and for work. My over-arching interest is to see valuable and accountable humanitarian work being done through public and nonprofit organizations in these areas. This summer I completed a one-year internship in Northern Uganda, consulting with a community based organization on proper management and accountability tools needed to successfully implement and evaluate their programs. I am now here at the Humphrey to gain greater expertise in these management systems. In the area of financial management, I have already taken courses in financial analysis and am taking further courses in Public and Nonprofit Financial Management this coming semester to build on my experience in this area.

I am excited to be a part of IPID and am looking forward to the work we will do in the coming year. I am equally excited to be the Treasurer for this group and will take on this responsibility to ensure that our accounting and budgeting practices will be accurate and clear. Have a great week and best wishes on your end-of-semester projects.


Paul Walters said

at 10:39 am on Dec 14, 2009

Hi All,

I've been nominated for the At Large Member, so like everyone else, I figured I would talk a bit about my interests and experiences.

I am a second-year student at Humphrey pursuing my Masters of Public Policy with a concentration in Global Public Policy, Nonprofit Leadership and Management, and a minor in Human Rights. I did my undergrad at St. John's University in MN with majors in Psychology and English (I know, worlds away from my interests now). I spent 3 years working in the nonprofit sector after my undergrad; a year of that was with an international volunteer organization that has sites in 7 different countries. I also spent this past summer in Nairobi, Kenya doing an internship with a nonprofit that works with kids who live in the slums that have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

I have a huge passion for human rights and international development (particularly, in Africa), and am hoping to find a job at the end of this spring with a NGO that addresses some of the challenges facing developing countries (and hopefully, there is a lot of travel involved). I am currently starting to developing the topic for my professional paper that examines how US policy towards development affects human rights in developing countries, so if anyone has any insight on that, I would love to hear it.

Thank you for your time and consideration as the At Large Member position.


Matthew Stenberg said

at 4:06 pm on Dec 15, 2009

Hey everyone-

As one of the nominees for the at-large position, I suppose I had best jump on the posting bandwagon before time has elapsed. I'm a first-year Masters of Public Policy candidate at Humphrey, concentrating in Global Public Policy. I'm coming to Humphrey directly out of my undergrad work at the University of Tulsa, where I majored in history and international studies, with minors in political science, English, and Spanish. I was involved with several student organizations in leadership capacities as an undergrad. During the past spring semester, I spent some time in Europe studying and meeting with international organizations for several months.

That semester will help me formulate the approach to international development in which I am personally interested: how the major international organizations and developed world economies can work together to best facilitate international development. It's perhaps a bit unorthodox when compared with other interests in the group (both from posts here and my personal discussions), but that's the beauty of the interdisciplinary approach, isn't it?

Thanks for your time and consideration,

Rachel Garaghty said

at 8:21 pm on Dec 16, 2009

Hi everyone!

My name is Rachel Garaghty and I've been nominated for the ICT Chair position. A little bit about me: I'm a first year MPP student at the Humphrey Institute interested in international development, global policy and human rights. I'm also the primary administrator for the Humphrey Institute's Global Policy Area blog, "Global Notes." I'm really excited for IPID's future and looking forward to the opportunity to use digital media and the web to advance its mission! Looking forward to meeting and working with you,

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